Google Page

Your Google Page will appear to the right of the Search Page Results if you search for your business name. If you haven’t yet setup your GooglePage, you can do so here

Get it set up soon, as it takes acouple weeks to become verified.

A Google Page is beneficial for a bunch of reasons:

  1. It’s Google’s version of a business listing. It sets you up so Google knows you exist where you say you do.
  2. It provides people with a snapshot of your business: your location, reviews, phone number, opening hours, etc.
  3. It places you on a map,directly compared to your competitors.

If you’re appearing above your competitors on the map, or if you have more Google Reviews, then you’re much more likely to be clicked on. Social Proof is one the most important factors when making a purchasing decision, and if you clearly have the most people raving about you, you’ll be the one picking up even more!

To generate Google Reviews, simply click on the “Write a review” button, copy the URL,then send that as a hyperlink to your customers. Once you hit around 7 reviews, the shiny golden stars begin to appear.

Keyword Research

Do you currently have a list of your 5-15 most valuable keywords?

Quality Keyword Research is invaluable.  If you operate at all in the online space, you need to understand exactly what people are searching for and how competitive those terms are.

Businesses waste thousands using targeting tactics that aren’t backed by specific keyword research. Instead of reaching the people that are actively looking for their products, they’ve just blanketed out generic Ads. It’s like posting a billboard: it costs loads for such a large audience reach, but you can’t be specific about who you want to target.

However, once a clear keyword focus is established, the rest is a piece of cake. The easiest way to get started is to jump on Google’s Keyword Planner.  If you haven’t made a free Adwords account, you’ll need to. Once there, you can type in any word or group of words you think people search for. That’s what a Keyword is, and Google will spit out multiple variations of that keyword you searched for, alongside related terms.

With a little hit and miss, you’ll be away.

Pro Tip: Where is the attention?

Be in the places where the attention is, not where you feel comfortable talking about what you do. You need to find what’s most valuable, and talk about that. In total, this may take you an hour or two, depending on how much you’d like to experiment. That time is going to translate to a comprehensive targeting and content strategy after a little more work.

I can’t express enough how important Keyword Research is. It’s going to save you time, money and stress, while bringing in more visibility and leads, all because you took a couple hours to figure out what people actually want to find.

Create a Content Plan and Begin Blogging 2 x a month

Quality and consistent content is one the biggest factors to ranking higher online overtime. Content comes from a whole range of mediums:

  • Blogs
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Vlogs
  • Checklists, Whitepapers, Reports, EDM’s, etc, the list goes on

So long as your content is highly targeted and focuses on one keyword at a time, you’ll be away. And by away, I mean away from untargeted, inefficient campaigns, and towards a scalable and measurable strategy.

Pro Tip:  Start blogging, twice a month -it’s valuable in every industry.

You don’t need to talk about recent news: discuss your most simple concepts in layman’s terms. Have each post linking to a keyword topic, and month by month, you’ll be building yourself a knowledge empire.

Stuck for ideas or topics? Think about ways to solve your customers problems.

To do:

  1. Make sure your keyword research is complete.
  2. Create a content schedule.
  3. Start blogging.

It’s literally as easy as that. Be in the right place, at the right time, with the right content. Help people solve their problems and answers their questions.

20-30 Kiwi Business Directory Listings

Business Directories are such a simple, yet such a powerful way to generate trust from Google and Domain Authority (‘website power’) for your website. The purpose of listing in business directories isn’t so people can find you through them. The real reason is so you can create a backlink.

Find out more about this here:

All these tactics combined could be achieved in a day’s work, and the results you’ll see from this is going to be amazing, trust us!

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