YouTube Suggested Videos Show at the End of the Video

If you have embedded YouTube videos on your website, you’re enjoying the benefits of everyone being able to view them as well as saving bandwidth and maybe even getting extra traffic to your website. That’s all great but the complaint we hear to most is about the suggested videos that show up at the end. You really don’t have control of what shows up there, so you don’t want to make it look like you or your website or business is suggesting those exact videos. That’s understandable.

You are able to control whether the suggested videos show up or not – when grabbing the YouTube video embed code, just make sure you first select the checkbox that says “Show suggested videos when the video finishes” and then they won’t show up. To get to this option, you may have to open up the embed area of the page by clicking on “Show More” but it’s there. 

Here’s a screen shot:

There are some other options there as well. We suggest keeping the video controls showing up if you’re using the video on your home page, then you might not want them showing.